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Elijah, Ramiah & Taliferro

Elijah, Ramiah & Taliferro

Elijah, Ramiah & Taliferro

As you know, my husband, Cleveland and I are raising 3 grandsons: Elijah

17, who was in band last year in the Spring session, Ramiah - 14, and

Taliferro -13, were in the Orchestra this last Fall session. It is sure a blessing for our family that they were able to participate in the program. We are not able to buy instruments and pay for lessons. Our young men loved being able to participate. They were always eager to go, and they were so proud when they played at the concerts! They have been asking when does the next session start!?

Thank you to the music teachers and all of the other wonderful volunteers, for giving our young men a chance to play music! If not for the M-Power Youth Music program, they would not have had this special opportunity.

Rosario & Guerson

Elijah, Ramiah & Taliferro

Elijah, Ramiah & Taliferro

What we as parents have seen in Rosario throughout this 2 1/2 years that we have been part of the M-Power family, is that she has gained self-confidence presenting herself in front of an audience. Before M-Power, Rosario was so shy that she would never dare herself to do anything on any stage. Thanks to M-Power, Rosario has done two duets on the last two concerts, auditioned for a role on her school play for the next spring, has performed on a church play twice in a short period of time, less than six months ago. 

Academically, I have always connected music with math skills. Rosario is now on a advanced math class in her school, and she gained better grades on the last trimester of her 5th grade that gave her the opportunity

to be on an advance class MIS , showing 6th grade level.

Rosario's words are: "Never give up! On both the violin and the flute, there were some music notes that were so difficult for me. But the teachers gave me their support and tell me to try until I achieve my goals, which I did!"

And regarding her brother Guerson, we're very thankful that M-Power accepted him, even though he was in a very low grade at the time ( just finished 1st grade) when he started attending M-power. Guerson has demonstrated to himself, and to others, that every effort is valuable. Same as Rosario, Guerson has gained better skills academically on math. So again, I think his music skill

learned at M power have contributed to this improved outcomes. Guerson is ready to learn to play another instrument already!

We're so blessed to be part of M-Power family! And we are so thankful for all the great work the teachers and volunteer coaches have done for our children -- It's priceless! I hope M-power continues to support our children, thank you so much!

A Gift

Elijah, Ramiah & Taliferro

A Gift


Most of this program’s outreach is for providing musical instruction

in a safe after-school environment. Sometimes other opportunities

to help youth come our way.  That is the case with the recent gift

of a violin. 

A fifth grade boy was taken out of his mother’s home and placed in 

foster care. His supportive foster family filled out the paperwork so

he could get a violin from the Kent School District. According to his

teacher, he was very talented and loved the violin. Several months

later, the boy’s father came and picked him up at school to live with him.

The father didn’t realize that he needed to go through proper channels

to do this so a month later he was back in foster care. He was also back

with his violin. After several more months the father was able to get

custody, legally, and the boy moved with his father. The district he went

to did not provide instruments for needy students so M-Power Youth

was able to supply him with a violin. The instrument had been donated

to the program. We were able to do the necessary repairs and present

it to the student.